Build a team with the grit to take on anything!

An interactive tool to measure and build the grit and resilience in your team to achieve breakthrough results

Team Grit

But what is Grit Builder?

What is grit and why is it important?

Study after study shows that the main factor in real success is not talent, or potential or even ability. It’s not about academic achievement or background. It is about determination, clear direction, a positive attitude, a drive to constantly improve and the ability to keep going whatever is thrown at them. That is what grit is. When the going is good, we can get by with a mediocre team, but what happens when it gets tough, or you want to push on and achieve something really special? Teams with grit at their heart go further, achieve more, overcome obstacles, lean on each other and have that winning mentality.

Team Grit
Team Grit

Can grit be developed?

Of course! Sure, some people are naturally ‘grittier’ than others, but we can all, as individuals and as a team, develop a greater level of grit. Grit Builder breaks ‘grit’ into four clear elements that can be assessed and improved: Focus, Perseverance, Positive Attitude and Challenge. It is incredibly practical; grit building is not an academic exercise or the usual ‘team building’ course. It is a way to hold a mirror up to your team, understand the gaps and then, most importantly of all, provide a clear, practical plan to address any weaknesses.



Grit Builder will lead you and your team through the 90-minute workshop. Everything you need to assess and improve team performance. No trainer required!


Live polls of the team to discover your team’s Grit profile, to gather individual perspectives and encourage a whole team discussion.


What are the areas where you guys are really ‘on it’ and effective as a team, what do you so well, where can you improve, and how?


How can you better encourage each other, challenge each other, support each other and hold yourselves more accountable for results?


Make commitments as a team that you all individually, and as a team, sign up to. What you will do to be more effective and ‘grittier’ as a group?


Track progress against your commitments. Make it happen! Take more soundings of the team, review performance and stay on track.


Build a grittier team
$ 180 /Per Team
get started
Build a grittier, more resilient team that can overcome obstacles and achieve more
Assess how gritty your team currently is against all the grit criteria using the grit assessment measure
Debate and discuss the online results real time as they unfold
Create and agree a ‘grit’ action plan that you as a team have committed to
Everything you need to create a truly gritty team, of up to 15 people

How do you measure up?

Test yourself and get your personal grit profile in 3 minutes!

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